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2012 Nationals Player Profile: Atahualpa Severino

November 17, 1532: Sapa Inca Atahualpa sits in his litter in the great plaza of the city of Cajamarca as his empire crumbles around him. His army of 80,000 has been decimated by a Spanish force of less than 200. The ancient treasures of the Inca will soon be in the hands of the white devil, Francisco Pizarro. As the Spanish cavalry charge bears down on him, Pizarro at its head, Atahualpa feels the cold grip of his impending death seize him. But suddenly, as a shining steel sword blots out the sun as it prepares to strike, the visage of Atahualpa’s doom is no longer that of Francisco Pizarro. It has transformed into the curiously bland face of James Loney. And Atahualpa knows that one day, he will get his revenge. Continue reading

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Join Zimmerman’s Telegrams

Everyone on Mount Rushmore is a member. Shouldn’t you be?

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