Second Spring Training Game: Nationals vs. Astros (aka Asstros)


Today's loser, Ross Detwiler, telling surprise visitor Ivan Rodriguez that he just lost to the Houston Astros. Pudge was not happy to have his poop interrupted however, as seen above.

The Washington Nationals followed up on a disappointingly pathetic 3-0 win vs. the Georgetown Hoyas with an even more disappointingly pathetic 3-1 loss to the Houston Astros. Said the Mayor of Houston, “It’s nice to finally have that one win that many people were projecting us to get this season. We can only exceed expectations from here.”

Current National and black man Edwin Jackson, and former National and non-black man Livan Hernandez had quite the duel going until they were both pulled after two innings due to a septic leak in the stadium. After further inspection, it was found out that Livan just smelled bad and all returned to their seats.

Ross Detwiler took the loss, while Kyle Weiland got the win. The Houston Astros plan to unveil Weiland’s bronze statue outside of Minute Maid Park this Tuesday.

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