2012 Nationals Player Profile: Jayson Werth


Jayson Werth is looking for a change after last year. He was billed as a star player, but after just a quarter of a season you could see that his skills had turned on a dime. The deal that had paid Werth millions of dollars made less and less cents. There was a bit of dram-a in Natstown, as Werth was pounded with criticisms for franc-ly underwhelming performance.

The riyal-ity is, that while Werth’s performance last year was at the baht-um of the barrel, he is still relatively young and is only one year removed from a tremendous all-star campaign. A comeback similar to balboa is not too farfetched. The initial deal wasn’t the Nationals just rand-omly spending money on whoever was available, they believed in Werth, and I do too.

So while many of you Nats fans may want to take Werth’s neck and ringgit, I think we all need to taka-nother look at Werth this season, and then make judgments. Yuan-ted a good player in Werth, as did I. And I’m sure Werth understands the situation; he makes a lot of peso he must be aware that fans are expecting great things. I think come the end of this year, we’ll all see that Werth is worth a lot more than last year’s performance showed.

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2 thoughts on “2012 Nationals Player Profile: Jayson Werth

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