2012 Nationals Player Profile: Anthony Rendon


Anthony Rendon looks on exhaustedly as Desmond lets another double play ball through his legs.

Rendonitis is a recently discovered ailment, with most cases being found in the Natstown population.

Rendonitis is the inflammation, irritation, and swelling of one’s desire for the Nats to give Anthony Rendon a spot on the team.


Rendonitis can occur as a result of over excitement with regards to new draft picks, or being fed up with the subpar performances of people like your shortstop.

Rendonitis can occur anywhere, but some commonly affected sites include the:

– Heart

– Brain

– Testicles

– Gut


– Pain and tenderness whenever Ian Desmond makes an error.

– Pain during night games when we need a power bat at the plate but all we get is the pitcher spot or an unskilled bench player.

– Pain that is worse with movement as you rage about the house after a frustrating Nationals loss.


Putting Anthony Rendon on the ML roster.

Or kisses from Davey Johnson, but some believe that might just have a placebo effect.

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One thought on “2012 Nationals Player Profile: Anthony Rendon

  1. […] mentioned Rendonitis a while ago, claiming that a cure was to put Rendon on the ML roster. Oddly enough, I […]

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