2012 Nationals Player Profile: Tyler Moore


He's gonna make it after all.

“The Tyler Moore Show”, as some call it, has had a sweeping impact on the baseball. It’s all about a 25 year old single man who moved to Washington with humble goals, that ended up getting the chance of a lifetime.

It’s really one of the first cases in baseball where we see a strong, independent, career-oriented player. He’s not looking for a woman to support him. Just a chance to make it on his own.

Moore originally applied to be the Nationals’ secretary, but was instead offered an associate producer position. Producer of runs.

In 2010, Moore’s third season, issues arose such as equal pay for players with less experience, pre-game rituals, and homosexuality in baseball. The following year infidelity was focused on, as Moore seemed to be falling in love with Syracuse, despite his bind to Washington.

I can only assume that this year, in his fifth season, he will be jailed for contempt of court, when he refuses to tell a judge about where Davey Johnson hid Chien-Ming Wang’s son.

That’s not really what happened in The Mary Tyler Moore show, but I really think that Davey Johnson is thinking about it.

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