The Baseball Season Began Today! Really Really Really Early Today!


Dustin Ackley and manager Eric Wedge show their excitement over the new business deal they have completed.

Today is a big day, as it marks the beginning of the baseball season. While advertising on ESPN suggests that the big day will be April 4th, as the Cardinals take on the Marlins, the season opened up today in Japan, as the Mariners took on the Athletics. The Mariners ended up winning 3-1 in 11 innings.

I took in the game the traditional way many people mark in Opening Day… struggling to keep my eyes open after getting much too little sleep, all the while not wearing pants.

Yes, the game began at 6 AM ET, which doesn’t work too well when you like sleep. But it was a thrilling thing to happen nonetheless. The Nationals season opens just over a week from now and by that time, hopefully I’ll have gotten enough sleep that I deem putting pants on to be worth it. But let’s be honest, it’s never really worth it.

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