Twenty-Seventh Spring Training Game: Washington Nationals (SS! (not the Nazi kind)) vs. Atlanta Vaguely Offensive Indian Stereotypes

This is how you train to sprin.

Wow. Wowee. Whoda thunk it. Well I never ever. Jesus Christ on a shishkebab.

Half of the Washington Nationals beat a real Big Boy team this afternoon, taking out the Braves 6-3 and salvaging some last scraps of self-respect out of this dismal every-day-is-the-Ides-of March. Adam LaRoche was back in LaLineup after an extended injury-related absence, and wowed the starstruck crowd with a 1-2 performance. Edwin Jackson looked good, while Sean Burnett, perhaps realizing that it was time to practice what he’s actually going to do this season, finally gave up a run. Chad Durbin was…I dunno, really boring? Is there any other way to describe Chad Durbin? What a boring man.

Durbin. Durbin. Durbin. Durbin.Dur.



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