Thirty-Third Spring Training Game: Washington Nationals vs. Boston Redd Sox (The Newest Item from the Michael Redd Clothing Line)

Jacoby Ellsbury caught saying "oh" in the sentence, "Oh man, the Nationals are so good."

The end of Spring Training has arrived. Finally, meaningful games with talented players can occur. But part of me still hates to see it go. There’s something therapeutic about watching grown men fight for fame, wealth and happiness, knowing all the while that some have no chance.

The final game of the spring took place in Washington at Nationals Park, and saw the Red Sox beat the Nats 8-7. At least I think that’s what it saw, its vision was a little blurry from all the beer it drank between innings.

The win today slipped through the Nationals’ fingers, probably cause the Red Sox left the baseballs so greasy from all that chicken.

Despite the loss, I’m very excited about the team. Heck, I won’t even think about divorcing myself from this team despite some cancerous players it may have. I’m no John Lackey. Because he did that. He divorced his cancer-stricken wife. Just saying.

Oh he’s so ugly.

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