2012 Washington Nationals Roster


The new style for team photos has made some of the players uncomfortable.

Spring is over. The battle to be one of the last 25 standing has come to a close. While some argue that certain people didn’t deserve to make the team, and others say that some players were snubbed, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that twenty-five players have been selected.

Let’s look at the team:

Starting Rotation:

1. Stephen Strasburg

2. Gio Gonzalez

3. Jordan Zimmermann

4. Edwin Jackson

5. Ross Detwiler

There it is, your starting four, with that fifth guy who thinks he’s a part of the group but really isn’t cool enough to risk being caught seen with him. The Nationals rotation is one of the best in baseball this year. After relying on Livan Hernandez for years, the Nationals can finally not rely on Livan Hernandez.


1. Henry Rodriguez

2. Tyler Clippard

3. Sean Burnett

4. Tom Gorzelanny

5. Brad Lidge

6. Ryan Mattheus

7. Craig Stammen

This pen has all the pieces you see in the average major league bullpen today. The hard throwing international, the young talented setup man who probably deserves to close, the incompetent lefty, the washed up closer, and three guys who are expendable.


1. Wilson Ramos

2. Jesus Flores

After an eventful offseason, Wilson Ramos has a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to stealing. Look for these two men to do all they can to prevent any stolen bases from happening. But if any are allowed, they will hopefully remove the player from the base without any casualties. This isn’t a guarantee though.

The Infield:

1B: Adam LaRoche

2B: Danny Espinosa

SS: Ian Desmond

3B: Ryan Zimmerman

Up the middle we have quite the double play duo. In that they’ll probably ground into a lot of double plays, assuming they haven’t struck out already. But at the corners we have a recently signed Nationals franchise player, and Ryan Zimmerman. Yes, Adam LaRoche’s deal may only run through this year, but I think we can all agree on him being the face of the team.

The Outfield:

LF: Mark DeRosa

CF: Roger Bernadina

RF: Jayson Werth

Are you ready for a temporary outfield until more talented players return from injury/get called up?!?!? Cause that’s what we’ve got! Not to say this outfield is bad, it just won’t last. With Harper just a few months away, and Morse and Ankiel bound to return from the DL soon, this outfield probably won’t remain the same for long. But let’s enjoy this trio while we have it.

The Bench:

1. Steve Lombardozzi

2. Chad Tracy

3. Brett Carroll

4. Xavier Nady

Before this week, nobody expected the bench to look the way it does. But I knew it would all along. I mean I don’t see how you could really change it? It’s just a couple of wood planks in the dugout, pretty standard. As for the players on the bench, there are some surprises, but just like the outfield, they probably won’t remain for long given the players bound to return from injury soon. But don’t tell them that. Do you tell your dog you’re going to kill it before you put it down? No, you give it a great final week. So let’s treat these players like soon-to-be-put-down dogs.

The DL:

1. Mike Morse

2. Rick Ankiel

3. Drew Storen

4. Chien-Ming Wang

Assuming no complications, Morse, Ankiel and Storen are to be back quite soon. As for Wang, well, it’s hard to say when Wang will harden up and return from injury. But just maybe, Wang will… NATIONALS FANS, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE IT ONTO THE BLOG! That’s right, finish this sentence with the best penis joke that you can come up with by writing it in the comments, and we will pick a winner later tonight!

The Coaches:

Manager: Davey Johnson

Batting Coach: Rick Eckstein

Pitching Coach: Steve McCatty

First Base Coach: Trent Jewett

Third Base Coach: Bo Porter

Bench Coach: Randy Knorr

Bullpen Coach: Jim Lett

Another year of coaches, another year without Marquis Grissom. *Sniffle*

So there you have it, the Nationals for the 2012 season. There is no arguing that this team will be a baseball team.

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3 thoughts on “2012 Washington Nationals Roster

  1. Neptooth says:

    Ooh I want to be on the blog! Here goes:

    “But just maybe, Wang will become so engorged with a throbbing desire to return that he will rub himself repeatedly until he feels better, leading to a premature finish to his DL stint.”

  2. […] wins the comment competition from earlier today. His prize is sand. Please send me your address and I will send you sand. […]

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