Down on the Farm


The Syracuse Chiefs' clubhouse.

Lots of people have been paying attention to what’s going on with the Nationals big league club getting off to a great start to the season. But for every team it’s important to pay attention to what’s happening down on the farm. So what’s happening for the Nats in their farm system?


All the minor league coaches agreed that the name was misleading. So rather than changing “farm system” to something else, they’ve replaced all baseballs with tomatoes.

More farm news after the break.

  • The most important news out of the minors today is a currently unspecified injury to Anthony Rendon. He left the game while rounding third. When asked for comment, his math teacher said that “There’s no need to round thirds, fractions are our friends!” He was escorted from the clubhouse shortly after.
  • Despite the injury, Rendon looked good so far, having tripled yesterday for his first pro hit. Still not as exciting a hit as “Get Metsmerized.”
  • Bryce Harper debuted at AAA this week and went 2 for 4. And I thought this guy was supposed to be a phenom. Sheesh.
  • It was a big day for injured Nationals, as both Ankiel and Morse homered in AA Harrisburg last night. Morse is eligible to return on Tuesday, but the ball ain’t coming back any time soon! Boom! What a funny joke.

That’s all the huge farm news for now.

Oh, and corn.

Corn stalk bats.

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