2012 MLB Season Predictions


Someone will win this.

Despite the first series of 2012 baseball having come to a close, it still is early enough to not know exactly what will end up happening as the season plays on. While many experts have already made their predictions, this blog has failed to do so up until this point. However that changes now, as below are my predictions for the standings and awards for the upcoming baseball season. As I said before, it’s hard to know what’s to come for sure. But I think after watching a weekend of baseball, I have as good an idea as anybody.

Before we get into the standings. Here’s 5 things that I think will happen around baseball in the coming year:

1. Giancarlo Stanton will have a change of heart and ask to be called P. Giancarlo, Gian Daddy, and lastly just simply Giddy.

2. The Boston Red Sox will have another september collapse as Vicente Padilla gets tripped and tumbles to the ground.

3. Albert Pujols finds that going to the Angels was a mistake, as they turn out to have gotten on God’s nerves. He is cast down and spends his life in hell.

4. Tony LaRussa is ironically replaced at his job after dealing with one issue, despite telling his bosses that he could stay longer.

5. Nyjer Morgan is diagnosed with actual multiple personality disorder and everyone feels bad for having laughed.

Now let’s look at how I think the standings will look come October.

NL East:

1. New York Mets: 162-0

2. Washington Nationals: 108-54

3. Philadelphia Phillies: 54-108

4. Miami Marlins: 41-121

5. Atlanta Braves: 0-162

I think we’re all excited about this becoming the Nationals’ first winning season but wow, I could never have guessed about the Mets having a winning season at all. And the Phillies being below .500? Oh man, that would be great.

NL Central:

1. St. Louis Cardinals: 121-41

2. Cincinnati Reds: 108-54

3. Houston Astros: 108-54

4. Pittsburgh Pirates: 108-54

5. Chicago Cubs: 54-108

6. Milwaukee Brewers: 54-108

The reigning champs will make the playoffs, with a surprise three way tie including two of the worst teams in recent years. After seeing them go this weekend though, I just feel this will become true.

NL West:

1. Arizona Diamondbacks: 162-0

2. Los Angeles Dodgers: 121-41

3. Colorado Rockies: 54-108

4. San Diego Padres: 41-141

5. San Francisco Giants: 0-162

The Diamondbacks will roll to first undefeated season in National League history, along  with the Mets. The Giants’ Tim Lincecum won’t win a game, but will still manage to be in contention for the Cy Young.

AL East:

1. Baltimore Orioles: 162-0

2. Tampa Bay Rays: 162-0

3. Toronto Blue Jays: 108-54

4. New York Yankees: 0-162

5. Boston Red Sox: 0-162

The Yankees and Boston not in the playoffs? Wow. After this weekend, I just feel it will happen.

AL Central:

1. Detroit Tigers: 162-0

2. Kansas City Royals: 108-54

3. Chicago White Sox: 54-108

4. Cleveland Indians: 54-108

5. Minnesota Twins: 0-162

Justin Verlander is that good? I guess so. Undefeated season for the Tigers, book it.

AL West:

1. Seattle Mariners: 121-41

2. Texas Rangers: 108-54

3. Los Angeles Angels: 54-108

4. Oakland Athletics: 41-121

Pujols coming to LA doesn’t pay off as he’s only able to get 54 wins. Sorry Angels fans, there’s always next opening series to make an impression on me that I can make predictions with.

So there you have my divisional predictions. Let’s look at how the playoffs break down.

See major league baseball? With my predictions, we’ll run into so many scheduling conflicts with the new tiebreaks. You shouldn’t have added that new wild card, we could’ve avoided this trouble.

In the NL, the Mets, Cardinals and Diamondbacks will win the divisions, with the Dodgers getting one wild card. The Nationals, Reds, Astros and Pirates will have to fight for the second wild card, which I assume will go to the Nats because this is a Nats blog.

In the AL, the Orioles and Rays will play a tiebreak for the division which I think will go to Baltimore. The loser gets a wild card spot. The Tigers and Mariners will be the other two division winners. Then the Rangers, Royals and Blue Jays fight for playoff positions, with the defending AL Champs taking it just because of that.

Play-in Games:

Dodgers over Nationals

Rays over Rangers

Sorry, just going with the better teams from the season.

Division Series:

Mets over Dodgers

Diamondbacks over Cardinals

Orioles over Rays

Tigers over Mariners

Who could’ve ever imagined the Mets and O’s making it this far?

League Championship Series:

Diamondbacks over Mets

Tigers over Orioles

Two fairy tale seasons end in this round of the playoffs.

World Series:

Diamondbacks over Tigers

The title returns to the desert as the Diamondbacks put together a 173-0 season. Quite impressive.


Some players have impressed me a lot in this first series of baseball and I don’t doubt that it will carry on throughout the year. Let’s see who I think will win the awards.

AL MVP: Nick Markakis

NL MVP: Corey Hart

Both men turn in the first OPS over 2.000 to win the MVP awards.

AL Cy Young: Jered Weaver

NL Cy Young: Chad Billingsley

Both men win over 30 games and strike out around 300! Wow, what a year.

AL ROY: Duane Below

NL ROY: Zack Cozart

Below shatters the win record with over 100. After 2 wins in 3 days, I feel this will keep up. Cozart turns in a 1.700 OPS, not good enough to win MVP but still OK.

I think come the end of the season, I’ll be pretty spot on. You just wait.

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