Bartolo Colon Throws 38 Straight Strikes


It was hard to see the excitement in his eyes after leaving Montreal. Maybe cause the chins were in the way.

Former franchise star pitcher Bartolo Colon has had an impressive resurgence in his career. One of the more astounding things he did in tonight’s start for Oakland was throw 38 strikes in a row. I thought it would be a good idea to look at other things that Bartolo Colon has done 38 straight times before.

  1. Eat 38 hot dogs in a row.
  2. Eat 38 sandwiches in a row.
  3. Eat 38 grapes in a row (not that impressive but done after eating 10 turkeys in a row).
  4. Gone 38 minutes without eating.

I wish Bartolo the best in Oakland.

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