Lincoln Shot! Down Nats’ Chances: Pirates Plunder a Win Over Nats


Erik Bedard in a clear state of discomfort, just moments after guessing the wrong attendance on the scoreboard. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Final Score: Pirates 4, Nationals 2.

Dame of the Game:

Ross Detwiler: Loss, 6 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 4 K. Detwiler’s average line was the best thing any Nationals could accomplish tonight, as the rest of the team stood at a point on that line very near Mendoza. Bad average aside, the dude is really grabby, and nobody wants to be near him.

Shame of the Game: 

The Nationals Offense with RISP: 1-8. With just 10 baserunners tonight, the Nationals managed to have 8 opportunities with RISP, yet only came through once, with a .125 average in those chances. I haven’t seen that bad an average since Mario Mendoza! Oh wait, I used him already.

What can you say about losing to the Pirates two straight games in a row other than, “Oh so you were using both controllers while playing a video game and let the Pirates win? Makes sense.” Only you can’t say this about this series, the Nationals have actually lost two games in a row to the Pirates. With a walkoff loss last night, and an embarrassing offensive performance tonight, the Nationals have dropped even further in the standings from tied for first place with a .620 win percentage to tied for first place with a .600 win percentage. Noooooooo!

With Erik Bedard leaving earlier than expected the Nationals caught as big of a break as the Orioles did back in 2008. Only I guess they didn’t get Adam Jones to join their team, just Brad Lincoln to pitch against their team. Lincoln and the rest of the Pirates pitchers were surprisingly competent and kept the Nats at bay, leading many to wonder if the team plans to change their name to the Giants.

But it wouldn’t be a proper Nats loss if it weren’t for a bad offense. It also wouldn’t be a proper Nats win if it weren’t for a bad offense. No matter, the offense came through just as we expected by not coming through. Most batters were just meh, with Desmond standing out amongst them. The last time Desmond stood out amongst the Nationals batters was when he thought it would be a good idea to wear his jersey out to dinner to get attention. Bad idea though, dropped some food on it and got a stain on his jersey. After that is was ruined, we all know it’s impossible to get stains out of baseball jerseys.

Last night’s hero Rod Barajas went 0-3. Today was a big accomplishment in his eyes though, saying after the game, “I may have done bad today but I could point to yesterday and say what would you have done without me.” He has tried this before, and most of the time the answer has been “win.”

The Nationals look to get out of this series with something at least somewhat good when they play tomorrow at 7 PM. Strasburg vs. Correia will be the matchup. I never thought we’d see a world with Correia fighting as one, but I guess the North and South finally came around.

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