Nats Continue Medlen with Braves: Minor Effort Drops Atlanta to 4th


“Mommy, mommy! Get it away!” (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Final Score: Nationals 8, Braves 4.

Dame of the Game:

Danny Espinosa: 2-5, 2 R, 1 HR, 1 2B, 3 RBI. Usually if a manager says I’m going to put someone with a .650 OPS in the leadoff spot, you’d say “No, Dusty. I don’t know why we hired you and Neifi in the first place.” Today Johnson’s gamble paid off. It probably won’t tomorrow though so let’s just get him out of that spot.

Shame of the Game: (Tonight’s Shame of the Game will be written by guest poster Henry Rodriguez)

Tyler Clippard: Save, .2 IP, 1 K. Tyler Clippard is a bad person. His three near perfect saves are much worse than me because I like to have fun and make things interesting. Now my wife won’t talk to me because she has eyes for Tyler. Please give me food, nobody will.


Today, Stephen Strasburg did what everybody expected. Expected Bryce Harper to do, that is, going 1-2 and bumping his OPS up to 1.143. His pitching line included allowing 4 ER for the second time in three starts. John Lannan, maybe there will be a spot in the rotation after all if we move Strasburg to fill the hole in left… I’m just kidding John. Sorry to get your hopes up, although I imagine there aren’t any to get up after all your hopes and dreams were shattered when being demoted to AAA.

Chad Tracy was forced to leave the game after getting a pinch hit double in the 6th. Word is that something is wrong with his groin, finally backing up what his disgruntled wife has been saying for weeks. The Nationals are worried that he might have aggravated the area which he had surgery on back in November. Doctors claimed that the surgery had fixed up the area at the time, but once again, his wife says different.

Tyler Clippard came out of the pen to get his 3rd save in three consecutive chances since H-Rod’s removal from the closer role. Tyler is getting more comfortable with this role day after day. He learned a lot watching Storen for so long, he was like a little brother looking up to his big brother. Now, he gets to be just like his “sibling.” Only I’m not sure little brothers dress in their big brothers clothing, insist that everyone refer to him by his big brother’s name, and explore options for plastic surgery to look more alike. Tyler, maybe take it back a step.

The NL East has been shook up since the beginning of this series. The Nationals extended their lead over the Braves, who have now dropped to fourth. The Marlins and Mets are now tied for 2nd, and in a category that isn’t number of fan suicides caused by immense depression. The Nats look to sweep Atlanta tomorrow night on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. We all know how much Terry Francona likes showing off his shirtless bod to people in/near their teen years, so watch out Bryce.

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