2012 MLB Draft Begins Tonight


Bud Selig, attempting to draft himself to the Nationals in 2009.

In just a matter of minutes, at 7PM, the 2012 MLB Amateur Draft will begin. For the first time since 2006, the Nationals do not have a top 10 pick, as they will be picking tonight at number 16. Shucks, why’d the team have to get good? Now I have to wait longer to see them draft a potential bust of a prospect? The curse of being one of the best teams in baseball…

Let’s quickly look back at the first pick from previous drafts from the Washington Nationals, with my thoughts on each:

2005 (4): Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman is like a bad drug habit, in that he has costed the Nationals a lot of money since being drafted. Also he’s made us much cooler in the eyes of our peers.

2006 (15): Chris Marrero. Initially excited about this pick when it happened, I quickly came to realize that drafting a player doesn’t also draft you his uncles.

2007 (6): Ross Detwiler. A man whose main role now seems to be to relieve Wang? I’d say that’s important to reduce stress.

2008 (9): Aaron Crow. Crow refused to sign, and ended up with the Royals later on, marking the 2nd thing him and Kate Middleton have in common. The first of course being a very impressive pitch repertoire.

2009 (1): Stephen Strasburg. Bust.

2010 (1): Bryce Harper. Bust.

2011 (6): Anthony Rendon. Despite his slow start due to injures, I’m still feeling the effects of Rendonitis! Please, call a doctor. It’s getting worse and worse.

Who will be next for the Nationals? No idea, but I can throw 45 mph in case Mr. Rizzo is still thinking.

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One thought on “2012 MLB Draft Begins Tonight

  1. Neptooth says:

    Your ERA+ is off the charts. Literally.

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