This Day in Expos History: June 13, 1999


Carl Pavano is disgusted with himself as he comes off the mound. He didn’t do bad, he just is a disgusting person and he knows it.

June 13, 1999: Montreal Expos beat Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4-0.

On this day in Expos history, the Expos shut out the Devil Rays thanks to Carl Pavano pitching a complete game shutout. Normally when you pitch such a good game you are applauded for a great effort. Sadly, Pavano had the misfortune of doing so vs. a Devil Rays team from the 90s, meaning everyone was kind of embarrassed for him that he allowed baserunners.

It was certainly a tough task for the Expos to get to Rays starter Bryan Rekar, since he was so bad that he hid in a closet so he didn’t have to pitch. But once the Expos found him and made him pitch they got to him easily.

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