Ryan Zimmerman Gets His 1000th Hit Tonight


Getting a congratulatory call from the President (of his fan club).

Ryan Zimmerman has reached the 1000th hit plateau, with a 5th inning single in tonight’s game. I’d take that everyday over the Red Sox’s 8th inning single “Sweet Caroline.” That song just pisses me off.

Zimmerman’s 1000th hit is the first milestone for a National that shows sustained success with the team, and also one of the first National milestones that doesn’t make me go like this:


I didn’t have any pictures of me being sad so I just found this one of, from the many wrinkles, I’m going to guess Davey Johnson.

Hopefully the Nationals can begin filing their giant wall of notable milestones with more things like Zimmerman’s 1000th hit in the near future, and begin removing things marking special occasions like “Most Hoagies Consumed in Clubhouse – 1000: Livan Hernandez, July 28, 2010” and “Most Fans in Tears Because of the Bad Things You Did – 34,128: Sean Burnett, June 24, 2012.” Boy it sure is a big week for milestones.

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