Wang to DL, H-Rod Activated


Wang’s insistence on holding a press conference to announce his placement on the DL drew some strange looks.

Wang’s chances for success have been derailed again. It’s not a prom rejection, or even a prostitute returning the money insisting she “can’t do the job because it’s too inverted.” It’s in fact another injury, as Chien-Ming has been placed on the DL again, with a hip strain. I had never expected Wang to get hurt this way, but when he showed up in the clubhouse this week in a backwards cap and shades while riding a skateboard, well, that seemed like too much of a strained effort to be hip. The injury was bound to happen.

With Wang’s return to the DL, Henry Rodriguez makes his return to the bullpen. Or at least Davey Johnson told him to walk out to the bullpen, we’re not sure if he made it. He’s not very accurate. He can be a very valuable asset out of the pen, arguably more than ink. Hopefully he returns to his early season ways, and remembers that as much as he hates the ants building anthills by home plate, you shouldn’t throw wild curveballs at them. Sure ants ruin picnics, but those wild pitches are just bad for the team.

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