John Lannan to Start On Saturday Maybe


Don’t cry John, this is good news! Oh, you’re crying cause you’re not very good? Ok.

John Lannan is back. Probably. For just one start if at all. Davey Johnson suggested that John Lannan will be called up to start one of the games in this saturday’s doubleheader vs. the Braves. The move makes sense, as Lannan is familiar with the feelings associated with recent Braves baseball: crushing and unexpected misery.

Lannan has done nothing to suggest he should be called up since his demotion, other than e-mailing, calling, texting, IM’ing, carrier pigeoning, singing telegramming, and grabbing and screaming at Mike Rizzo everyday he can to beg him to take him back. It seems Lannan could finally get his wish. No, not the one for sweet death. The less realistic one of being a National again. Of course this is all speculation, Lannan may not be called up at all, which would be a shock to him since he’s checked that his phones are working every waking minute. Hang up, John. They could be calling right now!

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