Nationals Activate Desmond, DFA Izturis


Cesar doesn’t know how to react to the news when he arrives at the ballpark. Not that he was DFA’d, but that he wore the wrong clothes.

Ian Desmond has made his way back from the DL a lot sooner than people anticipated. In fact, it’s the quickest he’s done anything since turning us all against him after a promising 2009. But actually, his presence will be a big boost for this lineup. Not cause Ian is good or anything, but cause he often offers to have players sit on his lap at dinner tables if they need a booster seat and don’t have adult size. He says he likes the warmth or something. He’s weird.

With Ian’s return, we lose Cesar Izturis. Cesar possessed a skill that other Nationals shortstops lacked: defensive competence. It will be sad to have grounder after grounder to short be carelessly bobbled or thrown away by Desmond or Espinosa or whoever is playing there. But we can take solace in one thing. And that’s returning this majestic creature, Cesar, back to the wild. Sure he won’t have money, or a job, but he’ll have his freedom. And isn’t that what we all deserve?

Oh, he has a family to support? Sorry about ruining all that, Cesar.

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