2012 Nationals Player Profile: Cesar Izturis


Hail Cesar!

Cesar may be gone now, but his time with the Nationals was an important one. Here I will discuss the things Cesar accomplished during his time here.

Cesar rose to a high position in Washington largely by having the team incur massive losses at the shortstop position with Desmond going to the DL.

After being given playtime, Cesar proved himself an extraordinary defensive leader, effecting the conquest of a handful of games on the Braves in the division. This was an accomplishment which he bragged about in his NL East Wars, a series of commentaries written in broken English which he intended to serve as propaganda for the Natstown masses, but ended up just confusing a lot of people.

In a time of injury-induced unrest for the Nationals Republic, he joined with the wealthy Ryan Zimmerman and the legendary generally bad defensive player Danny Espinosa to create the First Triumvirate of the Nationals Infield. A group of three men who would rule Washington’s infield in an uneasy equilibrium for some time.

As tensions grew, Zimmerman met his end on the field showered with Atlantan liners, and Cesar defeated Espinosa at the Battle of Covering Second Base, gaining effective control over the Nationals infield. However, this was just a dream that Cesar had one night, as he woke up in a cold sweat and broke into tears after realizing that the team actually didn’t need him that much.

He was proclaimed middle infielder temporarily, but shortly thereafter was DFA’d by a group of Nationals officials, who suspected Ian Desmond was healthy enough to return.

In the weeks to come, the team carried on without Cesar, as Desmond would bring the period of injury-related turmoil to an end. Ian would establish himself once again as the official Shortstop of Washington.

Hail Cesar!

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