Welcome Our September Call Ups!


They’re so excited to get started!

It’s September again, and you know what that means. New call ups! Sure it can be a little intimidating coming into a new situation like this, but hopefully fellow students, of the game, will help them adjust. To get to know all these new players, I handed out “Getting to Know You” cards for them to fill out and share with the class. So let’s see what they said.

John Lannan: My name is John. I’ve been here before, but I moved away temporarily because I had trouble doing well. But I think I’ve gotten better, and hopefully I can stay here with my friends forever. Please don’t make me go away again, I hated going to boarding school in Syracuse. I like dogs, and my favorite television show is House Hunters.

Sandy Leon: I have been here before like John, and I had a bad experience. I was hurt very badly, but I hope this time around that I’m not bullied anymore and that I can go to this school just like I’ve always wanted. I want to be a astronaut, and I like apples and soda.

Eury Perez: My name is Eury. I am 22 years old. I like math. This is my first day here and I am nervous but I like everyone I met so far. Except the disfigured janitor named Tom, he scares me. I think my teacher is pretty, but I didn’t know that Davey could be a girl’s name.

Mark DeRosa: I had to take time off because of an injury, but I did my best to study on my own, and hopefully I can jump right back into where I was. I feel kind of like the weird old guy showing up with a bunch of young kids to college, but in reality I’m only the weird old guy showing up with a bunch of young kids to baseball. It’s not as bad.

Welcome to all our new students! I hope they excel here.

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