Teddy Wins!


Another winner rubbing it in John McCain’s face.

It’s finally happened. Teddy has won the Presidents Race. For so many years Teddy has been trying hard to win, and it looked like he’d never even come close. Much like Mitt Romney. But finally he was able to do it in 2012. Hopefully not like Mitt Romney.

The oddest thing was perhaps how the win went down. For you see it wasn’t Teddy winning this race on his own. He was helped by a mini Phillie Phanatic. Could this be the Phanatic’s son, rebelling against his father’s beliefs and coming over to the better side? I would be ok with that if I wasn’t worried about him bringing over some of the strange diseases that Philadelphians carried. I mean, his nose did fall off during the altercation. I wouldn’t be surprised if all that green fur was actually gangrene.

But hooray for Teddy. It’s been a long hard fight, but now you are what you’ve always dreamed of. 1 and 534. Congratulations, you’d be a perfect fit on the Charlotte Bobcats.

Update: Watch the video here.

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