Gio Gonzalez Wins Warren Spahn Award


Two of the past winners, when the award was still a kitschy baseball tie.

Gio Gonzalez has won the 2012 Warren Spahn Award. So we can end the discussion for Cy Young now. Assuming the Cy Young is also only given to left-handed pitchers, like this Spahn award is.

Every year, the Bricktown Rotary Club of Oklahoma City and the Jim Thorpe Association, two of the most prolific associations assuming you’ve never heard about any other place but Oklahoma City, present this award to the best lefty in the league. However, the award is presented only based on wins, strikeouts, and ERA. So only 1/3 of the award actually recognizes value. This explains the award’s physical makeup, which is 1/3 gold, 2/3 material that relies on the player’s teammates to keep it in good shape.

Gio accepted the award with grace and excitement, clearly hiding the fact he hadn’t heard of the award before this morning. Hopefully it’s one of many awards named after pitchers to be presented to Gio this season. I know that next up is the Livan Hernandez Award for the pitcher with the most innings pitched and biggest waistline combined, followed by the John Rocker Award for hating riding the subways. I don’t think he’ll get the Livan one, but considering the Metro’s crappy late night hours, I imagine he’s frustrated enough with DC’s subways to be a good candidate.

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