Nationals Sign Will Rhymes


His forearm is truly fascinating.

This signing of Rhymes is an absolute thrill.

I know that he has a great deal of skill.

With his bat he can give a ball quite a kill.

His baseball abilities give me a chill.


He can play in just one game, or a twin bill.

Facing him gives some pitchers a battle uphill.

His many female fans give off screams that are shrill.

My dreams of a title, he will help to fulfill.

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5 thoughts on “Nationals Sign Will Rhymes

  1. mary swanson says:

    Hello from a Rays fan! Will Rhymes was a favorite with the Rays fans. Fans loved this “little Ray”.There was absolutely no noise in the stadium when he was hit on the arm and passed out. Everyone in the Tampa Bay area was worried. What a trooper..he showed up at work in uniform to play the very next day. Longoria took 3 months off. Many fans were upset when he was demoted back to Durham Bulls in July. He didn’t get a good deal from the Rays. They let him go in favor of other players that weren’t as good such as Eliott Johnson and Sean Rodreguez..

    I sure hope that Nats treat him well and keep him at second base. I will go to Spring Training games to see Will in 2013..

    • Hello Rays fan. I hope we treat him well too. I’m excited that you’re looking forward to seeing him play for us next season. Although for the lack of rhyming in your comment, I’m afraid I give it an overall C+. I feel that when you mention Rhymes, you always must rhyme several times.

  2. mary swanson says:

    See you at a Spring Training ball park sooooon.

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