Nats Hire Tony Tarasco as 1B Coach, Promote Trent Jewett to 3B


I hope he doesn’t get mad everytime the first baseman snags the ball before he’s able to.

Per Bill Ladson, the Nationals have hired former major leaguer Tony Tarasco to coach first base next season. How could the Nationals be so foolish. In our war against the Phillies, why are we bringing in the relative of one of them?

That’s right. Tony Tarasco is the cousin of…Jimmy Rollins.

I understand the benefit to having a family member on the inside to give us information about Rollins and the Phillies’ weaknesses. But how can we be certain he’s not a double agent? Tony can learn all about our strategies and relay back to the Phillies, which could be very dangerous. Assuming they can hear him over the constant chewing of the barrels of food they consume daily.

What private information could fall into the hands of the Phillies if Tarasco betrays us? What our signs mean? What pitchers our catcher is calling? What Davey Johnson’s gameplan is? (I’ll give you that last one. It’s to take a laxative an inning and hope everything finally clears up). I’m just very fearful of plans falling into the wrong hands.

But with Tarasco’s questionable hiring comes a promotion for Trent Jewett who moves over to being our third base coach. Jewett has long desired to be closer to his family, and now he is. Since he’ll be on the third base side of Nationals Park which is further West, and closer to his hometown of Dallas.

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