Bob and F.P. Coming Back


It was a tough negotiating process, but F.P. finally got MASN to throw in a bunch of napkins so he could replicate classic moments like this. And also dribble spit uncontrollably without worrying about getting his shirt wet.

Losing a star hitter? Sad, as I’m sure Texas will soon tell you. Seeing an ace go to a rival? Also troubling, which I’m sure the Angels would agree with when Greinke leaves. But losing an announce booth? That might be the worst pain of all, unless you’re a White Sox fan of course. Because there is no greater pain I’m aware of than hearing Hawk Harrelson make your ears bleed every time someone hits a home run.

But for the Nationals, losing their announce team from last year would be a big blow. Thankfully, Bob and F.P. are coming back, as MASN has agreed to deals with them both for the 2013 season.

Dealing with losing announcers has been tough for Nats fans in the past. Just look at losing Rob Dibble. Suddenly Nats broadcasts focused a lot less on objectifying women and failing to analyze players in a thoughtful manner, and more on quality which angered misogynists and Joe Morgans everywhere.

But thankfully MASN has realized the value of the Bob/F.P. tandem. They’re the right balance of competent and quirky. Bob is a quality play-by-play guy with a lot of passion, and F.P. is a talented analyst with a desire to scare his children on Christmas morning. Also, they showed our sign on TV, so I’m kind of biased.

I welcome Bob and F.P. back with open arms. I hope they will welcome our signs back on MASN in a similar way.

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One thought on “Bob and F.P. Coming Back

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