Zach Duke Photoshopped Into Things That Have the Word Duke In Them


Not pictured is Boss Hogg, played by Rich Garces.

I think the title does a good job of explaining the post.


El Zach Duque.


Nothing strange about this photo. That’s the cap the Dodgers wore. The W stood for “whites.” It was changed after Jackie Robinson joined the team.


Just like James Madison, Zach Duke has laid the groundwork for an Era of Good Feelings in Washington. Sadly, like James Monroe, Craig Monroe will probably end up getting all the credit.


Zach conveniently took this photo at some point in his life with drawn on devil horns. He knew I was going to be photoshopping this.


Zach’s improvisational style is like nobody else’s. Although I’m sure the catcher wishes he knew where the pitches were going.


Zach is one of the more fashionable ballplayers I know.


He made this to make himself feel better after missing out on the ROY in 2005.


Getting ready to fire some bullets past the batter. While normally managers approve of such success, Davey wishes Zach would stop using guns to do so. That explains some of the catcher injuries.


Zach Duke Forever.

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