Nats Lose 4 in Rule 5


That’s the number.

The Rule 5 Draft took place today. It’s a draft that often means very little, but sometimes we see a team come across an unknown gem of a player. It produces a lot more gems than the Rule 34 Draft however. Some of that stuff is just too weird to be comfortable with.

This year the Nationals didn’t pick any players, but lost 4 of their own to other teams. Danny Rosenbaum went to the Rockies, Jeff Kobernus to the Tigers, Jack McGeary to Boston, and Hector Nelo to the Dodgers.

Many reports the past few seasons have suggested that Rosenbaum is a player to watch. Sadly fewer people will have the chance to do that with him moving to Colorado. I hope realizing that a team actually valued him enough to pick him leaves him high as a kite. If it doesn’t, he has alternatives to reach that state now.

Jeff Kobernus was “speeding his way to the majors,” according to this September article. I know Willie Mays did that, but you might want to hold off on it, Jeff. There are new drug testing laws.

A Stanford grad, Jack McGeary must be a smart guy. He’ll fit right out in Boston then. Although maybe the excessive beer drinking will kill enough brain cells to have him feel like a real member of the team.

Hector Nelo had the “best arm in the system” according to a Byron Kerr report in 2011. Allowing him to be drafted elsewhere proves that the Nats must be leg men then.

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