Zach Duke Retweets Us


An accurate depiction of my emotions when I found out.

We have made efforts in the past to reach out to Nationals players, trying to make them and their followers aware of our efforts here at The Zimmerman(n) Telegram. One time recently I tweeted at Michael Morse in Morse Code, asking how he felt. He replied with “Sick!” He was either failing to understand what I had asked, or he was desperately calling for help.

Just a few days ago, I tweeted our story about Bob and F.P. returning to F.P. Santangelo, which led to him following us on Twitter. I can assume he liked it, but maybe he just follows anyone who tweets at him. Although being followed by big names isn’t new for us. We’re followed by @IanDesmondNews which totally isn’t a bot or anything.

But just yesterday, a story of ours was retweeted by Zach Duke, right in the midst of Zach Duke Week. Here’s the proof!

He called us funny! We made a baseball player laugh! Which we all know is a tough thing to do given all the clever jokes they usually laugh at. Putting gum on someone’s hat is some Python-level humor.

Any acknowledgment we get from people involved in baseball is an exciting feat. Having Zach appreciate the work we’re doing while honoring him during this week makes me glad that we chose to honor him. Or rather, forgot to do a post on him a few months ago and decided to write a bunch of stories about him this week to fill potentially dull offseason days.

Thanks for the retweet, Zach. As a thank you, I’ve got one more photoshop for you.


Duke, you can’t just give away Dave Bush’s secret beans recipe!

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