Nether’s Region: Dutch Prove Pool B Favorite South Korea Ain’t Much


The Netherlands have assembled an impressive 25-man team.

Final Score: Netherlands 5, South Korea 0.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: The Korean War.


The Dutch had dealt with the Koreans before. They knew just how difficult a fight they were in for going into this WBC game. Having lost 120 men in the Korean War, although an insignificant number compared to what other countries lost, the Netherlands were intent on avenging this deaths and proving their dominance over the Koreans.

However all these feelings were kind of silly to have. For you see, given the accepted culture of the Netherlands, all the players on the team were actually very high and had a great deal of trouble realizing the difference between North and South Korea.

The Dutch in fact fought alongside South Korea in the Korean War and against the North. But whether it was the fact they are referred to a great deal as solely Korea by the media, or the fact the Netherlands had replaced their bubble gum with pot brownies, ill-informed hatred of the Koreans spread throughout the Dutch clubhouse.

Not a superpower historically, the Netherlands sought U.S.-trained support in the form of Andruw Jones, Roger Bernadina, and Andrelton Simmons to put them over the top. Each man contributed a great deal of power that helped dominate the Korean forces.

In the end, Korea resisted complete surrender and vowed to fight another day. The Netherlands agreed to a temporary cease-fire, and established the foul lines as demilitarized zones for the time being. Perhaps the conflict will escalate soon, but for now peace is to be had between these two nations.

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