THEY TOOK OUR WINS! Mexico Gets Job Done With Cheaper, Harder Working Team


The fences are pretty low, like in Yankee Stadium. Far too many get out.

Final Score: Mexico 5, USA 2.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: U.S.-Mexico border conflict.


Throughout the 2000s, Mexicans have taken advantage of weaknesses in the American infrastructure and infiltrated our turf and taken what is rightfully ours. I am of course mostly talking about Mexico somehow continually beating the U.S. in the WBC during important games.

In 2006 Mexico cost the United States a shot at wealth and happiness by stealing away a win in the 2nd round. We tried building up our defenses, creating what we thought was an unbreakable product. But the Mexicans managed to take advantage and find a way to take away what we deserved.

And still today, with Friday’s 5-2 win over the United States, Mexico continues to take what we have worked so hard to achieve, just because they play a more appealing brand of baseball with players who are willing to do things American players aren’t for little money (like bunt runners over).

I really thought we had Mexico. We tweaked our system and put together an unstoppable force to defend our game from nations who dared to make an effort to assimilate themselves into it. How dare they think they have a right to play the game we created. This is an American game, and Mexico doesn’t deserve to take it away from hard working American players.

Where do we go from here? I mean how do we defend against a country who seems to keep sneaking by the behemoth that we have created. I was told our defense was top notch, that nobody would be able to sneak one through. But if that was true, how do you explain the results?

We need a more conservative manager, someone who’s old school. Joe Torre is far too progressive and willing to try liberal managing tactics to get the job done. Clearly we need someone to place the defenders at every hole. No fancy shifting, no weird alignments. Just plug up every hole and no Mexican will get one through ever again.

I fear for our future, that some of these Mexican players who are currently playing the MLB will become citizens and perhaps be eligible to play on Team USA in the future. I also fear that Mexico will finish greater than 4th in the pool and be guaranteed a path to the 2017 WBC. They should be not given the opportunity to become citizens of that tournament. They have unfairly invaded our game and should be sent back to the Mexican League.

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