DR DR, Give Me The News: Dominicans Have Bad Case of Going Undefeated, Loving You


Sadly in modern baseball, scolding the opposing team no longer counts for 2 runs.

Final Score: Dominican Republic 4, Netherlands 1.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: This family from the Netherlands trying to adjust to life in the Dominican Republic.


Well one thing is clear for sure. Not being much does not exclude you from winning, unless of course we’re talking about a mass possession contest. In that case if you are not much, not only are you not Dutch, but you also are a failure. Despite being much and Dutch, the Dutch proved to be not much in terms of winning. Much of the fanfare about the Dutch abruptly died, as the not-so-much-Dutch Dominicans proved to be much much more than the Dutch, despite the amount of their muchness coming into question often, given their lack of Dutch-ness. Well all that ado about muchness turned out to be much ado about nothing. It is odd that something about muchness could ultimately amount to nothing, but it is the case here. The Dutch were much-Dutch, but not much of a baseball team. And for that, they lost.

But you know who are much and Dutch, much in that there are 5 of them and Dutch in that they are from the Netherlands? The Broekhuijsen family. The Broekhuijsens were a family of ex-pats who moved to the Dominican Republic in 2001. Arriving in an unfamiliar land, and lacking the support and comfort they were used to at home, was tough for this group of Dutch folks. Just like it must have been tough for the Netherlands baseball team. They were thousands of miles from home, and fitting in was hard. Whether it was because they were an unappreciated baseball squad, or because they were white, blending in well with these foreign worlds was going to be a challenge.

The Dominican proved to be the biggest challenge for both of these Dutch groups. The move to the Dominican was the first overseas living experience for the Broekhuijsens, while the game against the Dominicans was the first immensely challenging squad the Dutch had to face. Each had their own problems to deal with. For the Broekhuijsens, as you can see from their blog, power supply was an issue with constant cutting out. For the Honkballers, it was quite the opposite as power supply was all to frequent, and something they had to figure out early on if they hoped to succeed.

The Broekhuijsens explained that hiking was a pleasure of theirs in the Dominican, while I’m sure the Netherlands enjoyed the idea of being a cinderella squad, facing an uphill climb vs. this well respected Caribbean squad.

The mom of this family, Mary, served as breastfeeding consultant for local communities. While Andruw Jones, uh, erm…well I’ll avoid getting too graphic for now. But there are strange…strange…similarities…

One of the children of the Broekhuijsens family is Onno, who loves playing baseball. Sadly, I’m not sure how I can incorporate that into this post, it just seems too out there.

The Dutch family/baseball team both seemed to keep up with the Dominicans at the start. The family settled in happily, while the team jumped out to a lead. Life was good for the Dutch, as they were well on their way to overpowering another Caribbean people with their European might.

Sadly the Dominicans proved too much for the Dutch in the end, which is ironic because the Dutch are all about muchness… I’ll stop myself here. But the Dominican way was not something the Dutch could keep up with. The Broekhuijsens eventually moved away from the country, while the Netherlands succumbed to greater run totals and moved away from the WBC.

Perhaps the Broekhuijsens and the Netherlands baseball team will meet some day, and share stories of the time they lost to the Dominicans. And maybe one day there will be a remembrance museum for this horribly tragic loss.

As for the Dominicans, they will move on to an exciting matchup vs. Puerto Rico. (The adjective “exciting” had an expiration date of in the middle of the 2nd game between these two teams)

EDIT: Fernando Rodney had a good luck plantain. This needs no accompanying joke.

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