NatsTown, Episode 1: The Dirt Stained Jersey


A promotional cast photo.

The clubhouse. The Nationals players enjoy a post-game meal. Davey Johnson enters. He approaches Chad Tracy.

Davey: Chad, I need to see you in my office.

Chad’s laughter is now silent, as the rest of the players look on nervously.

Chad gets up from his chair and follows Davey to his office. The door shuts behind them.

Davey: Have a seat.

Chad: What’s going on, skip?

Davey: Both me and you know that it’s rarely good news when a manager calls a player into his office at a time like this. Unfortunately, something has happened that I need to tell you.

Chad: Oh god, not a trade. I’ve been around so much, I was just starting to settle down my family here. Please, please not a trade.

Davey: No, it’s not a trade.

Chad: Oh no. You’re not…sending me down, are you? Please don’t make me go to Syracuse, I am deathly afraid of oranges because one time I ate one and a man stabbed me.

Davey: No, it’s not a demotion.

Chad: Wait. No. You’re releasing me? Skip, no! I’ve given my all for this team! I love it here! I have bills to pay, I can’t afford to be unemployed! You gotta give me another chance!

Davey: No, it’s not a release. It’s not any of the things you mentioned. It’s something far worse. Look…

We see a calendar. As we pan up across the dates, each individual player’s name is penciled into each square. Some are crossed off, but not Chad’s. He is the first name chronologically to not have an X over it. We pan up further and see the title of the calendar…

“Who Changes Davey’s Diaper.”

Davey: I made a bad.

Chad: Oh my…

We cut out to the clubhouse where the players are once again laughing and enjoying their meal. We then hear a scream echo through the room.


The players go quiet. They all push away their plates and quietly walk to their lockers.

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