Wilson Ramos Breaks His Hand On Opening Day


Jose, don’t look so sad. You’re our starter now.

Despite a miraculous an inevitable comeback win vs. the Mets on Opening Day, news for the Nationals isn’t all good. James Wagner reports that Wilson Ramos left today’s game with a broken hand.

This injury marks the earliest appearance of the Curse of the Catcher in a regular season game. While we don’t know how long Ramos will be out for, we do know that Jose Lobaton is about to stuffed down our throats. So if you’re already eating something, finish chewing it quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Wilson Ramos Breaks His Hand On Opening Day

  1. MaryAnn says:

    Good to see the telegram back!

    • Hey MaryAnn, we’re glad that you’re still a fan of ours. We kind of posted this on a whim. Not sure how often we’ll update just because of hectic work schedules that we actually get paid for, but we can assure you we’re still following this team and hope to post throughout the season as much as we can.

      Of course, we’ve already not posted in 3 days, so we’re not off to a great start. But again, thanks for being a reader.

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