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On the Nationals’ New Marketing Campaign

The Washington Nationals have launched a new advertising campaign fit for a team with an outside shot at contention, using the tagline “Ignite Your Natitude.” There is at least one problem with this tagline. It seems to be making a pun on the phrase “ignite your attitude,” which would be clever except for the fact that “ignite your attitude” isn’t a phrase. According to google, there are only five places on the internet in which these words appear in succession. They are:

1.¬†invites you to “re-ignite your attitude towards sales” in its one hour teleseminar. Ironically, SalesTrainingMastery does not seem to be very good at sales.

2. Our second use comes from, in which a woman named Victoria who presumably has horrible food allergies wrote a poem called “Ignite New Vision and Perspective.” This poem includes the line “re-ignite your attitude.” It also includes the phrase “New¬†Light-Knowledge-Insights,” which calls into question the legitimacy of any of the words that it uses. Continue reading

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