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NatsTown, Episode 1: The Dirt Stained Jersey


A promotional cast photo.

The clubhouse. The Nationals players enjoy a post-game meal. Davey Johnson enters. He approaches Chad Tracy.

Davey: Chad, I need to see you in my office.

Chad’s laughter is now silent, as the rest of the players look on nervously.

Chad gets up from his chair and follows Davey to his office. The door shuts behind them.

Davey: Have a seat.

Chad: What’s going on, skip?

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Introducing: Natstown, a TV Series


It’ll kind of be like this, only the only blackouts you’ll experience will be alcohol-induced ones that lead to hilarious situations.

When we promise things on this blog, we deliver. Which is why we’ve done more than 1 “Down on the Farm” report, and more than none new President introductions.

But in our intro post we suggested some exciting new features for this blog, and this is the first major one of them. Natstown.

Natstown will be a sitcom style series of scenes that we’ll write over the course of the season, where we develop each Nationals player and coach into quirky and unique characters. It’ll be a lot like Seinfeld, only instead of Seinfeld, we’ll have other characters. Because Seinfeld is expensive to sign on.

Look for the first of these posts to come soon. Some will be short, some will be long. Some will be weak, some will be strong. Some will be good, some will be bad. Some will be funny, and some will just be long descriptions of Davey Johnson’s snores.

Stay tuned.

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