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“The Shark” Makes it Big, What Will Be Next?


Roger Bernadina murdering Andrew McCutchen.
(Credit: Sharkadina)

Despite our efforts to suggest a more fearsome nickname for Roger Bernadina, it seems as if “The Shark” has stuck. Even longtime hater Bill Ladson finally admitted that Bernadina’s nickname was “The Shark.” During last night’s game, “Shark” chants filled the stadium. It was arguably the most joyous occasion where hundreds of people were screaming “Shark.” Depends if you like seeing fellow beach-goers being mauled.

This got us thinking. If a couple of other fans nicknamed Bernadina, why couldn’t this blog succeed in doing the same for other Nationals. Below, may I recommend some nicknames for all those in Natstown to consider. Additionally I recommend a certain item to wear for each nickname, much like Sharkadina fans wearing shark heads.

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The Washington Nationals and Disney


Drew Storen with a new haircut. I personally think the bangs look good on him.

It was recently announced that Drew Storen has a new nickname thanks to Nationals manager Davey Johnson. “Tinker Bell” became Drew’s nickname because “[Storen] comes in with all kinds of different little moves,” said Johnson. “Also he wears a lot of green dresses, and the fact that upon entering every game he has [bullpen coach Jim] Lett throw glitter in the air in front of him as he exits the bullpen. But it was mostly the different little moves thing.”

This isn’t the first time the Nationals have turned to Disney to nickname their players. Some of the most memorable ones can be found below:

Elijah Dukes once tried to assault Jim Riggleman after hearing that the former manager had ironically named him “Snow White.”

Jayson Werth was nicknamed “Robin Hood” after signing his contract, not cause of his good deeds for the poor, but cause he stole a lot of money from rich people.

Frank Robinson was called “Mowgli” given his reluctance to wear pants. It was a real hassle to get him in them come game time.

Nick Johnson was called “Quasimodo” for a while. It wasn’t a term of endearment, the players legitimately has trouble telling them apart and wasn’t sure who was in the clubhouse.

Gary Majewski was traded because of an unfortunate last name that didn’t mesh well with the Disney theme going on.

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