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2012 Nationals Player Profile: Zach Duke


The Duke and his jester pass judgment.

In honor of Zach Duke Week here at the Zimmerman(n) Telegram, we present to you the final 2012 Nationals Player Profile of 2012: the Dukester himself.


Brrr-brrrr-brrrr-BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (a trumpet heralds the arrival of Zack Duke, Duke of Zachs) 

Court Master: Welcome, one and all, to the court of the Duke of Zachs. The Duke will hear all of your petitions today. Know that the righteous will be treated with fairness and generosity, but the deceivers will receive their due punishment.

The first petitioner may step forward.

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Zach Duke Retweets Us


An accurate depiction of my emotions when I found out.

We have made efforts in the past to reach out to Nationals players, trying to make them and their followers aware of our efforts here at The Zimmerman(n) Telegram. One time recently I tweeted at Michael Morse in Morse Code, asking how he felt. He replied with “Sick!” He was either failing to understand what I had asked, or he was desperately calling for help.

Just a few days ago, I tweeted our story about Bob and F.P. returning to F.P. Santangelo, which led to him following us on Twitter. I can assume he liked it, but maybe he just follows anyone who tweets at him. Although being followed by big names isn’t new for us. We’re followed by @IanDesmondNews which totally isn’t a bot or anything.

But just yesterday, a story of ours was retweeted by Zach Duke, right in the midst of Zach Duke Week. Here’s the proof!

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My Personal Connection to Zach Duke


My brother took this photo, so that means I know Zach like a brother. Right?

Over the years I have traveled across America, attending hundreds of baseball games. During this time, I’ve had some pretty cool experiences with different baseball players. Sadly, Zach Duke isn’t one of the interesting story providers. I met him briefly once though, and have a few other stories that I remember that have to do with Zach.

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Introducing Zach Duke Week


Zach found no joy in being overshadowed by his wife on their special day. Well it’s your special week now, Zach. Enjoy it.

One of this blog’s recurring segments is our player profile series. Starting this past Spring Training, we set out to profile every Nationals player who had a chance to compete for and ultimately play on the major league team. As new players joined the team during the season, we made sure to profile them as well. However at one point towards the end of the year, we realized that we had forgotten to profile Zach Duke.

Given the team’s playoff hopes, our focus became situated elsewhere. We had to put Zach’s profile on the back burner. However we vowed to do something to honor him when he returned to the spotlight.

Thus, with Duke re-signing with the team, I present to you Zach Duke Week. Over the course of the next week, expect at least a single post about Zach everyday, honoring the great player that he is. I hope you and him forgive us for overlooking his player profile initially. We promise to have one up this week, as well as a great deal more.

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