Fellow Nationalsists

Nationals Official Website

Former President Theodore Roosevelt’s Official Twitter

The Nats Enquirer

Nationals Journal, by Adam Kilgore

Nats Insider, by Mark Zuckerman

Let Teddy Win

The Nats Blog

Federal Baseball

Nationals Inquisition

Nationals Arms Race


Washington Nationals Fan Forum

Center Field Gate

Syrian Social Nationalist Party…oops, don’t think this one is actually Nationals-related. I don’t recommend going here, the font is kinda weird.

Stupid Nail Polish Names¬†– One Nationalsist’s take on nail polish and how sometimes the names of certain colors can be stupid. Forgive the misleading title.

Note: ¬†Anyone who would like to be considered a “Fellow Nationalsist,” or even an “Anti-Nationalsist,” feel free to contact us at thezimmermanntelegram@gmail.com.

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