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Nats Acquire Denard Span


Denard’s mother believes having discipline is important for baseball, and still believes in spankings to enforce it. Denard is not fond of spankings. Or as his mom calls them, “SPANkings.”

The Nationals pulled off a big trade just minutes ago, acquiring Denard Span from the Twins for pitching prospect Alex Meyer. The team has been trying to find a solid CF for a few years, and have made many attempts at Denard during that Span of time. The (front) Office has done good by bringing in Denard Dog.

Span has dealt with injuries for a few years, but when playing he’s a big on-base threat and a quality fielder. While this would be a good acquisition for any team, it means a lot for the Nationals. The move allows Werth and Harper to move to the corner outfield spots, making Morse or Moore a valuable trade chip, and the re-signing of LaRoche not such a sure thing. I’m sure Adam would be worried about what this means for his future with the Nats, if he hadn’t already been distracted by 3 separate topics in the last 5 minutes.

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Alex Meyer Throws Six Pretty Good Pitches in Futures Game

It wasn’t until after he bought all the gear that someone told Alex Meyer that getting two people out doesn’t constitute a “perfect game.” He was disappointed.

Alex Meyer, considered by some to be the Nationals top pitching prospect was their lone representative in Sunday’s All-Star Futures Game in Kansas City. Meyer pitched 2/3 of a high leverage inning in a 17-5 game, which was surely indicative of how he will perform in similarly pressure-packed situations in the big leagues. Sure, he only threw six pitches, but I’m convinced. What an amazing six pitches they were. Every pitch he ever throws will be as effective as those six pitches. I can just feel it.

I know I’m not supposed to put stock in small sample sizes, or even miniscule sample sizes, but I can’t help myself. It’s an addiction. A disease, really. As I’m typing this, I just invested my life’s savings in the stock market because I just saw it go up a point. Won’t it keep going up forever? It totally will. It was a little cooler today than yesterday, does that mean global warming is over? Yes. Definitely.

Oops, gotta go, I’m late for my Small Sample Size Believers Anonymous meeting. I know that’ll help because some guy on the street yesterday told me it really worked for him.

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