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We Won on the Schoop Jon B: Aussies Can’t Come Through in Clutch vs. Dutch


The WBC is serving as a test run for some potential new rules. Like instant replay, and this.

Final Score: Netherlands 4, Australia 1.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: Australia tattling on the Netherlands during the Indonesian National Revolution, but not really doing anything all that impressive to get in their way.


In 1945, Indonesia declared its independence from the Netherlands and began a revolution. Backed by the United Kingdom and some allies, the Netherlands looked like they would be difficult to beat. They just had too potent a rotation to be outgunned.

But in the end, while not completely run out of town, the Dutch were removed from their complete dominance of the region. But that’s not the thing to focus on for this story. No, the thing to focus on is how the UK stopped supporting the Netherlands and Australia tattled on them for “violating the peace” and whatnot. An excuse which the Aussies decided to use again today.

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Australia’s Swan Song Seung? South Korea Sends Aussies Further Down Under


South Korea’s excellent performance brought their minister to tears. Australia…devastated.

Final Score: South Korea 6, Australia 0.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: Australia indirectly aiding in the liberation of South Korea from Japanese rule in World War II.


When it comes to the relationship between Korea and Japan, no matter in baseball nor other matters of life, Korea has always served as the bitch. Whether it was seeing Japan ruthlessly overpower and devastate the Korean people (ex: 2006 WBC semis or 2009 WBC finals), or witnessing Japan do something less awful but still pretty bad like working Koreans to death during Japanese occupation of their country, Korea ain’t doing well in the win column.

In World War II the Allied Forces worked together to defeat the Axis powers, which in turn led to the liberation of Korea, which then in turn led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, division within a country, and the constant fear of war for decades. But you always focus on the negatives! Lets just look at the positives; the liberation. Korea became free and was finally allowed to compete in the World Baseball Classic.

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Peng-Pong Diplomacy: Relations Strain as Taiwan Shows Baseball Competence


A couple Australian players found it unfair for China to get two opportunities, but that’s just their policy.

Final Score: Chinese Taipei 4, Australia 1.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: Australia’s participation in the 1972 Joint Communiqué that recognizes the People’s Republic of China as the sole Chinese authority.


There were many things that worked well for Taiwan tonight. Our old friend Chien-Ming Wang turned in a stellar pitching performance (better check to make sure he wasn’t cheating, he’s been known to do that), Cheng-Min Peng led a potent offense that put the team up early, and the all-around performance of the ball club led to a relatively easy 4-1 win over Australia.

Shame the Aussies don’t give a shit.

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