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Nationals Sign Micah Owings


I’m sure you’ll find that pen you misplaced very soon, Micah.

The Nationals have signed first baseman Micah Owings to a minor league contract. Now many of you probably remember Micah Owings the pitcher. Well based on the similar looks of the one we just signed, the Owings we got is the very same and has transitioned to being a hitter, is Micah’s twin brother who his parents also named Micah for no good reason, or has had serious plastic surgery and a name change to look like the real Micah. I think choice two is probably the most likely, and that the Owings’s father was also named Micah and we’ve got George Foreman thing going on here.

Owings spent many years trying to make it as a pitcher but couldn’t quite cut it. During that time he was a terrifying offensive presence though, a regular Mike Hampton. Only with Micah you felt bad that he had trouble making it as a pitcher while with Mike you found it hilarious because of his giant contract.

The Nats have previously had a similar situation to the one they now have with Micah. Rick Ankiel made the transition from pitcher to “hitter” as well. Only I put quotations around hitter because well, look at Ankiel’s stats.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Owings at the Marvin Miller Memorial in NYC a few weeks ago. He was very polite and very tall, which both directly translate to offensive success as evidenced by Pleasant McLarge’s triple crown achievement in 1924. I hope Micah finds a place on our team down the line, if only so I can tell people I had a three way chat with a National and Rick Helling once.

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2012 Nationals Player Profile: Jayson Werth


Jayson Werth is looking for a change after last year. He was billed as a star player, but after just a quarter of a season you could see that his skills had turned on a dime. The deal that had paid Werth millions of dollars made less and less cents. There was a bit of dram-a in Natstown, as Werth was pounded with criticisms for franc-ly underwhelming performance.

The riyal-ity is, that while Werth’s performance last year was at the baht-um of the barrel, he is still relatively young and is only one year removed from a tremendous all-star campaign. A comeback similar to balboa is not too farfetched. The initial deal wasn’t the Nationals just rand-omly spending money on whoever was available, they believed in Werth, and I do too.

So while many of you Nats fans may want to take Werth’s neck and ringgit, I think we all need to taka-nother look at Werth this season, and then make judgments. Yuan-ted a good player in Werth, as did I. And I’m sure Werth understands the situation; he makes a lot of peso he must be aware that fans are expecting great things. I think come the end of this year, we’ll all see that Werth is worth a lot more than last year’s performance showed.

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