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Healthy .308 OPS Replaces Sick .486 OPS (But Both Are Really Unhealthy)


For DeRosa, it’s the intangible qualities that make him great. Like level of coolness. As shown in the picture above, he’s as freezing as someone with a .308 OPS.

Mark DeRosa is back! No, not that he’s good again. He’s just here again. DeRosa replaces an ailing Xavier Nady who was placed on the DL with right wrist tendinitis. You would think the irritation would have been caused by playing baseball, but Nady hasn’t been doing much that I would consider playing baseball during his time with the Nats. Flailing about like a goldfish in some vomit on the sidewalk is a more apt description. And we all know how dangerous for wrists that can be.

DeRosa gives us a player a little more versatile than Nady off the bench. He’s able to do so many things that you could say he’s a regular triple threat! Note, a triple threat in baseball is much more different than a triple threat in entertainment, in that it actually means someone is threateningly bad and actually in no way likely to triple. Except for Jose Lima, he actually was quite the singer.

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