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Nats Sign Caleb Clay


Collin Balester has been completely replaced.

Continuing their thrilling offseason, one that rivals the Blue Jays’ in terms of excitement, the Nats have signed Caleb Clay to a minor league deal. Clay is one of the only players in MLB history to be a compensatory pick for a team losing Bill Mueller. What an honor, perhaps even a Hall of Fame worthy accolade.

Clay has been in the Red Sox’s system since 2007, posting decent but uninspiring career numbers. Hopefully our organization can mold him into more of a star.

Get it? Cause he’s clay. Clay molds? No? Ok.

Since he’s still young and depending on how he develops, this signing could be a bargain. I hope all this money going Clay’s way though doesn’t make him feel overprivileged and lead to a life of laziness. Money can corrupt people, I just hope it doesn’t corrupt this potential bargain.

Get it? Cause he’s clay. Henry Clay? Corrupt Bargain? No? Ok.

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