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A Ray of Hope/Chang They Can Believe In

Of the 1.34 billion Chinese people, the one who's best at baseball had an OPS of .574 in AAA last year.

Of the 1.34 billion Chinese people, the one who’s best at baseball had an OPS of .574 in AAA last year.

Final Score: China 5, Brazil 2

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: Brazil’s frustration with Chinese trading practices in the 21st century


Brazil and China, two of the world’s emergingest powers, do a whole lot of trading with each other. But China’s not always very nice about it. They like to inundate Brazilian markets with cheap Chinese goods while restricting Brazilian non-commodity imports to China.

Sounds like the 8th inning of this morning’s China-Brazil WBC game, am I right?

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Havana Ball: Cuba Sails to Win, Wishes it had been America


Given their large Japanese population, Castro knows this Brazilian President da Silva will understand his insulting akanbe gesture.

Final Score: Cuba 5, Brazil 2.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: 1996 Summer Olympics women’s volleyball fight between the two nations.


It was only a matter of time before we were reminded of this. There have been wars, there have been genocides, but there hasn’t been a conflict as truly disturbing as this minor verbal altercation during a match to determine who would get the nicer set of really expensive medals.

The past 16-17 years have been a tense time period for Brazil-Cuba relations. Ever since this event leaders of these two countries haven’t been able to discuss international affairs without a net between them, for fear that if it were removed something terrible would happen. These two nations meeting on the baseball field was a similarly difficult experience to watch.

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Defending Champs: Japan is Good. No, I’m Serious. Come on, They Really Are.


I thought countries with joined flag pins were never supposed to fight.

Final Score: Japan 5, Brazil 3.

World Baseball Conflict of the Game: Mass Japanese emigration to Brazil throughout history, and how that’s actually a secret government operation to win the WBC for a third time.


Outside of Japan, Brazil hosts the largest Japanese population in the world. Since 1908 the Japanese have been emigrating to this South American nation to achieve a better life. They have assimilated into Brazilian culture and are now a major part of the society, totaling around 1.5 million in number in the year 2000. Yes, Japan and Brazil are on great terms.

Until you realize that Japan is actually manipulating the Brazilian people in order to get their trust and take advantage.

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