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Carroll and Maldonado Elect Free Agency


Brett wanted to spend more time with his passion, laughing at the small portions that poor people get.

Brett Carroll and Carlos Maldonado have elected free agency. Both men played an important role on this team in 2012, by staying out of the way as to not prevent our success.

Carroll had an exciting two at bats in 2012. Exciting for the other team, because he got out in both of them. But at the same time he managed to score 2 runs. Sure he might strike out and fail to impress every time he sets out for success, but he still manages to score often. Hmm, scoring a lot even though you’re a failure? Must be on some madam’s list somewhere.

As for Maldonado, I’m impressed he’s still alive. Playing catcher for the Nationals in 2012 was a risky thing to do. But he came out in the end and is still breathing. So congrats on being alive. At least physically, despite if you’re dead on the inside. We know that can happen to someone after playing in Syracuse for so long, just look at John Lannan and his sad, dead eyes.

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Rick Ankiel To Be Activated Tomorrow


Get your mace ready.

Go wild folks. But if you’re enjoying dinner, not so much so that you miss the plate. Rick Ankiel will be back with the Nats tomorrow, as the team plans to activate him from the disabled list. This is good news for everyone except one member of the Nationals’ roster, the person to be sent down for Ankiel.

Nobody really stands out as an obvious choice for a demotion. But let’s be real, there’s no way we can pass up having Ankiel on this team. He was a shiny for god’s sake.

The current Nats roster will remain intact until after tonight’s game vs. the Reds. Perhaps the game will devolve into a competition between Bernadina, Carroll, Nady and Tracy as to who should remain on the team. Maybe we should replace the President’s Race with these four players, only instead of it being all about finding a new way to make Teddy lose badly, it will be four men desperately fighting for their own livelihoods.


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2012 Washington Nationals Roster


The new style for team photos has made some of the players uncomfortable.

Spring is over. The battle to be one of the last 25 standing has come to a close. While some argue that certain people didn’t deserve to make the team, and others say that some players were snubbed, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that twenty-five players have been selected.

Let’s look at the team:

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2012 Nationals Player Profiles: Brett Carroll/Chad Durbin/Chad Tracy/Ryan Mattheus


Brad Tracheus, Nationals superstar.

As we noted yesterday, time for our player profiles is running out. The season begins on Thursday for the Nationals, but there are many more players to do profiles for that look to be making the Nationals’ roster. With our final two profiles set for the next two days reserved for some special players, we are faced with a tough choice.

As of now, it looks like Brett Carroll and Chad Tracy are going to make the team, while there is a competition between Chad Durbin and Ryan Mattheus for the last bullpen spot. Rather than choose one of these players to do today, I figured it made sense to combine all these players into one profile. So here we go.

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