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Cole Kimball Wins the AFL’s Stenson Award


Though many teammates are still unwilling to validate his insistance on being ready for the National Anthem at all times.

Gio may not have won the Cy Young, but a Nationals pitcher is taking home an even bigger award. That’s right, Cole Kimball has won the Stenson Award in the Arizona Fall League. Why is this award so important you ask? Well instead of recognizing Wins, ERA and Ks, it recognizes “unselfishness, hard work and leadership,” according to MLB.com. You know, some of those weird sabremetrics people aren’t quite ready to adopt yet but are much better at determining a pitcher’s value.

Kimball is working his way back from surgery in 2011, but could be a valuable member of the Nats bullpen down the line. We need another right hander now in our pen, considering Drew Storen will spend most of his game days in the stocks, with people throwing eggs at him.

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