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Nationals Sign Mike Gonzalez


A young autograph seeker reluctantly gives Gonzalez her ball and pen. The ball was found in the trash not long after.

The Nationals have signed lefty reliever Mike Gonzalez to a minor league deal. A former Topps All-Star Rookie LHP, Gonzalez will surely be of great use for the Nationals. Just look at some of the other Topps All-Star Rookies from 2004, all of whom are so good now. Khalil Greene, Jason Bay, Terrmel Sledge AND Daniel Cabrera! I don’t understand why Gonzalez was still available.

This provides another lefty arm that can come out of the bullpen, and the first lefty arm that belongs to a man who isn’t grotesque. I look forward to his minimal contributions, if he has any at all.

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