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Well, This Sucks (Nationals Sign Rafael Soriano)


Attempts to drown Soriano in the past have failed, sadly.

I hate Rafael Soriano.

I absolutely despise him.

This isn’t the joke kind of hatred I had for Sean Burnett at times, or the dislike coupled with sadness that God would do that to a person that I had for Tom Gorzelanny. This is legitimate hatred, the first time I’d say I felt this way about a Nationals player.

Soriano is selfish, overrated, and while I can’t be sure of it someone has been calling my house and hanging up when I pick up and it’s probably him so fuck him for that too.

Am I angry at Drew Storen for game 5? Yeah. Do I have issues with trust towards Tyler Clippard? Some, sure. But just cause you’re constipated and having trouble producing at a comfortable level doesn’t mean you have to spend $28 million dollars on cow shit to put in your toilet to make you feel like you did the job you were supposed to.

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Nationals Sign Delwyn Young


Pure bliss.

The Nationals have signed Delwyn Young to a minor league contract. Unlike the similar sounding Delmon Young, Delwyn has made no anti-semitic comments that I’m aware of. In the never ending contest between the Youngs, I guess you could consider his less-racist character another Wyn for Delwyn.

EDIT: A loyal reader has reminded me that Delwyn was the man to hit the 2-run HR off Strasburg in Stephen’s debut. I had repressed this memory, but am thankful that I was reminded of it. This is a loss for Delwyn, no doubt. A loss of life. Because I will rip his head off for nearly ruining that beautiful night.

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